Social media


Social media were originally developed for interpersonal exchange, a well-meaning and meaningful basic idea. Meanwhile, advertisers use the platforms for their own purpose (the purpose justifies the means?). I feel attacked, persecuted, compelled, harassed, stressed, and I am so annoyed being targeted and re-targeted.

Even if I totally hedge my profile (which is not the meaning of social media), every time I log in, I will always been asked how I feel right now, what I am doing, whether I want to share something. NO! And I can not turn it off without suffering restrictions to use socialmedia as I want. You are actually forced to have a status same as you have when you ae offline if you want to avoid ads. What is the sense of that?

If I search something on the Internet, immediately comes a promotion with the contents of my previous search (and no, you can not turn it completely off anywhere). If you want to play a multiplayer game it is not without a public profile, be it facebook or google.
For those reasons I avoid social media whenever possible.