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Travelling without limit as long as its possible. Defeating fears, exploring the world, meeting new friends, experience the beauty of nature, other cultures and customs, thats what we want, thats what we do. Share it with us, share our impressions and look at our photos and enjoy.

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A good opportunity to show skills, like feeding seagulls, the big ones!. The smaller seagulls hardly can hold themselves in the air against the wind and drift away when they try to pick the food out of the hand, while the big ones navigate their flight very well precisely.

Bornholm, Danmark - March 2013
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It has been really tough. It has been my first flight after almost 12 years and after I had promised never again to go by plane. On the way to Bornholm I was sitting at the right side in the back and i was completely petrified during the whole trip of apr. 45 minutes. - On the way back Jesper took me with to check the plane and put me right beside him, explaining every movement and wonder what? I even was able to enjoy the view. Of course I didn´t like and still don´t like turbulences and turnings, but as long as i get to know what exactly happens and why it happens, I think I´ll be able to make a longer trip by plane.

Kauai/Hawaii, Westcoast, USA - July 2013
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so we improvised and had the most amazing westcoast and desert experience...

Tromsø, Norway - January 2014
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359 km above the Arctic Circle, chasing the Northern lights.

Athens, Greece - March 2014
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Roskilde, Denmark - July 2014
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known of the city of festivals, but here is the other side.

Helsingør, Denmark - July 2014
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Fredensborg and her Majesty Margrete II´s gardens.

London, United Kingdom - July 2014
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The city that is worth to come back.

Bornholm, Danmark - August 2014
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Between medieval and tropical flair

Edinburgh, Scotland - April 2015
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A touch of gaelic culture

Odense, Denmark - May 2015
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H.C.Andersens Birthplace

Groningen, Netherlands - Juli 2015
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where bus tickets are called Eurokaartje

Skals and Skagen, Jylland, Denmark - September 2015
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Where Skagerak meets Northsea

DFDS Seaways Cruise to Oslo, Norway - February 2016
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Fjords and frozen sea

Alanya, Turkey - March 2016
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here you come further with German than with English ;-)

Mallorca, Balearic Island, Spain - April 2016
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lots of cyclists though

USA and Canada - May, June 2016
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including hurricanes and thunderstorms we never have experienced that strong

Canterbury, London, Bath - July 2016
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and London never gets boring

Ringkøbing, Denmark - October 2016
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peaceful countryside

Groningen, Netherlands - February 2017
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where bus tickets are called Eurokaartje

Møns Klint, Møn, Denmark - July 2017
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most amazing scenic view, alsohome of orchids, falcons and blue butterfies

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